Glaze Là Gì – (Từ Điển Anh

to make a surface shiny by putting a liquid substance onto it and leaving it or heating it until it dries:

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If your eyes glaze or glaze over, they stay still and stop showing any emotion because you are bored or tired or have stopped listening:
a shiny surface given to an object or a food, esp. by covering it with a liquid that shines when it dries:
When someone’s eyes glaze over, they become fixed and shiny, as if the person is not seeing anything:
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However, in addition to the two entrance passages, a low open balustrade runs under the entire length of the fully glazed roof.
The balance of light between that from the rooflights and that from the extensive perimeter glazing reduces the possibility of disability glare.
Second, the effect of variation in the performance of the internal atrium facades such as glazing ratio, shading strategies and thermal performance is analysed.
Furthermore, the increase in glazing ratio means that less opaque surface area is now available for storing solar gain.
The buildings are boxy, flat-roofed and horizontally glazed, with a concrete skeleton of slabs and columns.

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In general, by increasing the amount of glazing in the internal atrium facades, the atrium temperatures in winter increase slightly.
One interesting idea is to vary the amount of glazing according to the solar gains on the internal atrium facades.
In plan, the type is fine-tuned and the doubleloaded corridor accesses glazed office units to the south-east and secondary spaces to the north-west.
The majority of workers were employed in the clay and potting shops and relatively few in decorating and glazing ware.





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