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Trollface Quest have 7 versions for now, all based on the same basic principles. It is a point-and-click style puzzle and strategy game filled with increasingly challenging levels. The object of the game is to complete each level unharmed.

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Much like version 1, Trollface Quest 2’s levels can be tricky. For instance, on level 15, the main character/hero – a stickman – is standing outside a log cabin in the dead of winter, shivering cold. You must help him get warm. You might think you can simply make him go inside the cabin. However, it will not open as soon as you click on it.


You must click on the thermometer to raise the temperature and make the snow go away. You had better be quick! If you wait too long, it will be too warm and a wildfire will break out! So, time yourself. Click on the thermometer, wait ‘till it reaches the red line, then hurry up and click on the door to open it and send stickman to warm shelter.

Another great example of just how tricky this game can be is level 19. On this level, you are drinking with Troll Face – your nemesis. Click on the mugs to begin drinking – but be careful! The first two drinks seem to go down nice and smooth – but the third might kill you! Instead of taking that third sip, pick up the bottle with the picture of the chicken on the front (click) and it will make Troll Face drink it – and ultimately poison him! If you do this, you can win this level.


After finishing the game, you can try the following game, which has 20 new levels.

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The graphics of Trollface Quest 2 are similar to the first version – the characters are the same, and the majority of the images look as if they are hand-drawn sketches. However, the quality is a bit better, and there is a little more color included.


There are minimal user options available. The most options we found were the ability to toggle music on or off, as well as the ability to clear your progress on the level map.



The only thing you need in order to play Trollface Quest 2 is your mouse.

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One perk this version offers that version 1 did not is that the game automatically saves. When you exit a level and go back to the level map, you can easily find what level you played last and re-enter it.


A Trollface Quest 2 walkthrough video is available. It will show you step by step how to complete each level. You can fount it at

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