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Hi, guys, a new offline rebate event comes, invest more to rebate more~~~~ 1. First top up of the day for each player can get corresponding gold and Asauchi rebate. 2. Rebate details: Event time: Jan 22 to Jan 28, 2021, Server time Note: 1. Only first transaction counts on each day, and you need to 2. No need to register. 3. Rewards will be sent within 2 working-days after the event ends. 4. Must top up early days to achieve increase in rebate. For example, if you top up on Jan 22, Jan 23, Jan 25, means you only continually top up for 2 days, then you can only get the rewards of tier 2. …

Server Lanuching Plan on Jan, 2021

Dear player, Here is the server lanuching plan for Jan. 2021: US Servers: US S698 Jan. 11 US S699 Jan. 18 US S700 Jan. 25 EU Servers: EU S797 Jan. 8 EU S798 Jan. 15 EU S799 Jan. 22 EU S800 Jan. 29 Welcome to join our official discord group: Online Operating Team Dec 31

Happy Christmas!!! Dear players, For the upcoming Christmas, we”ve prepared the offline events for you. We sincerely thanks for all the players playing our games. Event 1: Recharge more than 200 Gold and get 200 Gold Top-Up Card for FREE! Every user who recharges more than 200 Gold on December 25th can get 1x 200 Top-Up Card, rewards will be sent via in-game mail within 2 working days. Notice: This is a single day event on Christmas! Don”t miss it! Event 2: Choose the Rewards You Want Event Time: 00: 00 Dec 24, 2020 – 23: 59 Dec 27, 2020 Event Rules: 1. During the event period, rechar…

Offline event: Daily First top up to get EXTRA rewards 14/12 – 17/12

Daily First top up to get EXTRA rewards Time period: Dec 14 00:00 – Dec 17 23:59, server time Rules: 1. Only count the first top up rewards every day. 2. You may only choose one of three options rewards. 3. You need to register on forum/discord to participate in this event using the following format: Server: US s100 Character name: Ghost Date: Dec 15 Rewards: Option 2 4. All time is based on server time. 5. Only. Operation Team Dec 14

Server Lanuching Plan on December

Dear player, Here is the server lanuching plan for Dec.: US Servers: US S694 Dec. 7 US S695 Dec. 14 US S696 Dec. 21 US S697 Dec. 28 EU Servers: EU S793 Dec. 4 EU S794 Dec. 11 EU S795 Dec. 18 EU S796 Dec. 25 Welcome to join our official discord group: Online Operating Team Dec 4


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Game Background

You were rescued by the Captain Commander Yamamoto yet because you were seriously wounded, you slept for 1000 years. When you finally woke up you forgot all your memories; to search for your forgotten memories, Yamamoto send you to the Human World.At the Human World, you made friends with Ichigo and his friends, but because of Aizen’s plot, you guys were judged as rebels. How will you rescue your friends? Everything starts now!


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