fight over là gì

Đang xem: Fight over là gì

To argue about who gets access to someone or something. Are the kids still fighting over that one toy? Yep, I saw two people fighting over a TV on Black Friday.

to fight a battle that decides who gets someone or something. Well, let”s not fight over Tom. You can have him. I can make a better team without him. The children were fighting over who would get the largest piece of cake.

McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American and Phrasal Verbs. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
See also:fight over (someone or something)be fighting madfight with (someone or an animal) over (someone or something)fight with (someone or something)fight withfight aboutfight about (someone or something)fight it outfight outcoexist with

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▲fight againstfight against (someone or something)fight against timefight among yourselves/ourselves/themselvesfight amongstfight backfight back at (someone or something)fight downfight fire with firefight firesfight forfight for (one's) lifefight for (someone or something)fight for lifefight hammer and tongsfight in armourfight it outfight like a lionfight like cat and dogfight like hellfight like Kilkenny catsfight offfight onfight or flightfight outfight overfight over (someone or something)fight shy offight shy of (someone or something)fight shy of something/of doing somethingfight the good fightfight throughfight till the bitter endfight to deathfight to the bitter endfight to the deathfight tooth and clawfight tooth and nailfight until the bitter endfight way outfight withfight with (someone or an animal) over (someone or something)fight with (someone or something)fight with (someone or something) about (someone or something)fight your cornerfight your own battlesfightinfighting chancefighting chance, afighting fitfighting mad▼
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▲fight one”s way fight one”s way fight one”s way back fight one”s way back to some place fight one”s way back to something fight one”s way out fight one”s way out of fight one”s way through fight one”s way through some place fight one”s way through something Fight Only For Freedom Fight or Flee Fight or Flee Fight or Flight Fight or Flight Fight or Flight Academy fight or flight reaction Fight or flight response Fight or flight response Fight or Flight System Fight Ordinances and Restrictions to Control and Eliminate Smoking fight our corner fight our corners fight our own battles fight our way back fight our way out fight our way out of fight our way through fight out fight out fight over fight over (someone or something) fight over her fight over him fight over it fight over me fight over one fight over somebody fight over someone fight over something fight over them fight over us fight over you fight own battles Fight Racism Fight Imperialism fight shy of fight shy of fight shy of fight shy of fight shy of (someone or something) fight shy of doing something fight shy of her fight shy of him fight shy of it fight shy of me fight shy of one fight shy of someone fight shy of something fight shy of something/of doing something fight shy of them fight shy of us ▼
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