10 Best Offline Farm Games Of 2020, 10 Best Farming Games And Simulators For Android

These wifi free farming games Android do not require internet connectivity to run; no data charges. These best free farm games for Android offline let you take the fun with you wherever you go.

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When you do not have access to the Internet and you have time to lose, your best option is to keep some Android offline games. That’s why today we are going to discuss the best free farm games for Android that you can play without the internet connection.

Farm games are a genre that has gained much popularity over the years. You can find many farm games available for Android. Although you need a constant Internet connection to play these farm games, you can also find some good farm games that can be played offline. Therefore, we leave you with a selection of the best we can find below.

In this way, for all those interested in this type of game, the search is much simpler. You will no longer have to search among all the farm games that are available for Android. These with the games that deserve a position in this list:

Selection of the best WiFi free Android farm games that you can play without an Internet connection on your phone and tablet

There are many top-rated farming games available for Android and it is hard to find the best WiFi free Android games in this genre. But don’t worry. This list of the best Android farming games offline will help you find them easily. Let’s start.

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FarmVille 2: Country Escape

We start the list with one of the most well-known titles, maybe even the best offline farming game for Android. Surely most of you know this game. In it, we will be able to raise animals, prepare recipes, look for special objects, and other activities. In addition, we have the possibility of creating a cooperative to trade all the food. It can be with friends and neighbors.

It also gives us the possibility of harvesting crops and we can customize the farm at all times. Possibly the most classic and essential game within the genre. The download of this game for Android is free. Although we find purchases inside. What are you waiting to try it?

Download FarmVille 2 Game Here

Also, read our selection of the best WiFi free iPhone farming games.

Big Little Farmer Offline Farm


Farm Island is an adventure game about farming and it’s really an attractive game. The app is an analog of the game Farm. You must sow and harvest, create the necessary mechanisms, sell your products on your base. Create your own menagerie with rare animal species. Also in the game, you can explore the caves, which are in the jungle. Show everyone that you can create an ideal corner for a farmer even on the island.

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You will need to build a farm on which you will cultivate a culture to support livelihoods. In addition, go on an expedition, find treasures, and old objects. Invite tourists to the farm by creating an airport that will help transport people. Improve your abilities, go through difficult quests, and discover new skills.

Download Farm Island Here


These are the best farm games to play without the internet that you can currently find on Android. We hope that this selection has been of interest to you and do not hesitate to download your favorite on your mobile. What do you think of this selection of games?

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