Installing And Activating Etabs V18 Enhancements, Recent Enhancements

Stiffness solution has been parallelized to further speed-up nonlinear static and direct-integration time-history load cases.Tabular output for element nonlinear energy and base reactions is now much faster for load cases with many output steps.


NBCC 2015 wind load now supports the dynamic procedure for Open and Rough Terrain using the exposure factor Ce. Wind-load calculations are now available in the project report.

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The special requirements applied to the steel beam-column connections using the proprietary SidePlate&#174 Systems have been updated to the latest version.



Auto lateral loading has been added per the Korean KDS 41 17 00:2019 code, including seismic load and response-spectrum functions.


Auto lateral loading has been added per the NTC 2018 code, including wind load, seismic load, and response-spectrum functions.

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The event-to-event analysis method has been improved for better handling of equilibrium unbalances. Additional controls are available for this non-iterative method.The speed of solution using the multi-threaded solver has been substantially increased for direct-integration time-history and other multi-step load cases.

The recovery of plotted and tabular results from nonlinear static and direct-integration load cases is now significantly faster. Results include deformed shape, force and stress values, and hinge states.

The parametric PMM hinge has been enhanced to provide better convergence behavior in sensitive systems.

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Short-term and long-term cracked-deflections can now be calculated for concrete floors. The rebar used for the cracking calculation is based on either provided rebar, designed rebar, or a quick rebar overwrite.

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