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Environmental laws are forcing American automakers to take electric alternatives to gas engines seriously.
environmental damage/harm/pollution The environmental damage from the oil spill took at least two years to repair.

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environmental effect/impact He”s concerned about the environmental effects of genetically modified foods.
A cargo ship carrying toxic waste dumped its load, creating an environmental disaster that resulted in the deaths of 10 people.
During the 1960s it became a petrochemical complex, and by the 1980s environmental monitoring revealed high levels of organic contamination in the groundwater.
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In many developing countries, pollution control regulations are formulated at the national level, but their enforcement is the responsibility of local environmental protection bureaus.
The unmodelled environmental interaction was represented by a spring having viscous friction (” “dashpot” “).
In summary, our results suggest that exposure to combinations of environmental stresses may increase the expression of additive genetic variability for fecundity.
This suggests that it is important for environmental purposes to model the response of technical change to trade.
Still, a public economist would remind us that looking at whether environmental tax swaps increase employment or not tells us nothing about social welfare.
The basis for determining the allocation of forest areas for timber production and environmental functions has been largely historical.
Externalities do not lead to institutional failure, they are a form of institutional failure – environmental problems are frequently symptoms of such failure.
Environmental experience also can affect brain chemistry by altering neurotransmitter synthesis, transmitter receptor synthesis, and transmitter uptake systems.
It is to be expected that the genetic, environmental and non-shared influences on these two variables would differ somewhat, and possibly substantially.
On the other hand, there is a substantial amount of phenotypic covariance, and genetic and shared environmental influences contribute substantially to this overlap.
As far as the literature on sustainable development is concerned, this tends to view economic growth as limited by the finiteness of environmental resources.
All other hypotheses are also supported, and suggestions regarding the necessary future direction of environmental policy are made.
Given these findings, suggestions are made regarding the necessary future direction of environmental policy.





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