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We aim to help our customers to develop products that best match their business goals. The best way to accomplish this mission is to be the best partner possible, not only at company level, but also for every Emplus team member. Our company culture is telling the truth, trusting and helping each other, taking things to the next level, thinking differently and flexibly, and most important, being responsible.

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Pauline Tseng

Sales Director


Blair Su

Software Engineer Director


Chavis Tseng

Production Director


Charlie Chen

Product Planning & Marketing Director


Jesse Liang

Hardware Engineer Director


Emplus aims to not only be a qualified manufacturer, but also a helpful partner. We focus on understanding the needs, purpose, and application that customers expect from the products, helping them to find the right direction and target, discussing every details from specification design to component selection and finally optimization, how to make it even better.

As a strong OEM/ODM company, We could just provide whatever the customers ask for, meeting the requirements. However, we believe there is no such thing as the “best product”, but only the most suitable one to fulfill your target market. That is why we implement Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS) to offer the highest level of customization and why we dedicate extensive resources and experiences to help customers find the most suitable products to achieve their goals.

Our mission is to be your best partner. Always.

To ensure world-class quality, every product is examined with strict reliability tests and inspections. All products follow international quality standards, demonstrating our insistence and promise of quality to customers.

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Break limitations, think differently. The extensive design and manufacturing experience at Emplus will strive to do what others say cannot be done.

We value every customer’s need greatly and would leverage all of our experiences, resources and capabilities to design and produce the most suitable products for you.


One of the largest own-brand electronic product wholesalers in the world who provide one-stop-shop service for dealers and system integrators……

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Case 1

A rapid-growth company from startup to acquisition. Eight years ago, just a few members of team started the business by their exclusive cloud-managed networking solution……

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