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emerge /i”mə:dʤ/ nội động từ nổi lên, hiện ra, lòi ra (nghĩa bóng) nổi bật lên, rõ nét lên; nổi lên, nảy ra (vấn đề…) thoát khỏi (sự đau khổ)
ló ranhô lênnhô ranổi lênxuất hiện o nổi lên, nhô lên; trào ra


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Từ điển Collocation

emerge verb

1 come out

ADV. slowly | suddenly | finally, eventually

PREP. from The world is only slowly emerging from recession. | into They suddenly emerged into brilliant sunshine. | out of the musical forms that emerged out of the American black experience

2 become known

ADV. clearly, strongly One thing emerges very clearly from this study. | gradually | quickly The answer to the problem quickly emerged. | recently | later, subsequently It subsequently emerged that he had known about the deal all along. | eventually, ultimately What eventually emerged from the election disaster was a realization that it was time for change.

VERB + EMERGE begin to, start to Problems with this drug are now beginning to emerge.

PREP. from Several facts started to emerge from my investigation.

3 start to exist

ADV. rapidly The Pacific region has rapidly emerged as a leading force on the world stage. | gradually, slowly

PHRASES newly emerged/emerging newly emerging areas of science

Từ điển WordNet


come out into view, as from concealment

Suddenly, the proprietor emerged from his office

become known or apparent

Some nice results emerged from the study

come up to the surface of or rise

He felt new emotions emerge

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

emerges|emerged|emergingsyn.: appear come into view come outant.: submerge

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