Dta Là Gì ? Associate In Business (Dta/Mrp)

Associate in Business (DTA/MRP)

Did you know mister-map.com has two business degree options?

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At mister-map.com College, students have flexibility in completing their Business degree in any one of two ways and are then prepared to transfer to a 4-year college. This transfer degree ensures that a student who completes this Associate in Business – DTA/MRP degree will have satisfied the lower division general education (or core) requirements and lower division business requirements at the baccalaureate institutions.

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Face-to-Face Option: A full array of classes meeting in person for those who prefer to attend in traditional classrooms.Online Option: Earn your online degree anywhere with mister-map.com College’s convenient online classes. mister-map.com College has dedicated and supportive faculty to provide meaningful learning experiences for you, as well as staff to help you should this be your first online experience.

Career Pathway and Course Information

Associate in Business (DTA/MRP)

Transfer Institution Information:

Associate in Business DTA/MRP Outcomes

General Education at mister-map.com College prepares graduates to live and work in a dynamically changing world by emphasizing whole student development through fundamental areas of knowledge and the college five core abilities.

Core Abilities Outcomes

Critical, Creative, and Reflective Thinking

Graduates will evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information and ideas in order to construct informed, meaningful, and justifiable conclusions.


Graduates will be able to critically examine the relationship between self, community, and/or environments, and to evaluate and articulate potential impacts and consequences of choices, actions, and contributions for the creation of sustainable systems.

Information Competency

Graduates will be able to seek, find, evaluate and use information and employ information technology to engage in lifelong learning.

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Effective Communication

Graduates will be able to exchange messages in a variety of contexts using multiple methods.


Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of diverse ideas, cultures, and experiences, and develop the ability to examine their own attitudes and assumptions in order to understand and work with others who differ from themselves.

Fundamental Areas of Knowledge Outcomes


Graduates identify, analyze, and evaluate rhetorical strategies in one”s own and other”s writing in order to communicate effectively.


Graduates acquire skills to critically interpret, analyze and evaluate forms of human expression, and create and perform as an expression of the human experience.

Social Sciences

Graduates use social science research methods and/or theory in order to analyze and interpret social phenomena.

Natural Sciences

Graduates use the scientific method to analyze natural phenomena and acquire skills to evaluate authenticity of data/information relative to the natural world.

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Quantitative & Symbolic Reasoning

Graduates utilize mathematical, symbolic, logical, graphical, geometric, or statistical analysis for the interpretation and solution of problems in the natural world and human society.

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