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PES 2018 should be this year, but the exception is US players who play two days in advance. Konami announces that the title will be significantly different from previous series. For PCs the most important information! Will be the fact that they will finally be play on the same graphics engine as the console version. So there no situation where the personal computer version was significantly different from the Xbox and PlayStation. The producer wants his game to even closer in terms of realism to what we can see on our TV screens. Thanks to this new version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 download we will be deal with a remodeled menu! Real photographs of football players or finally the match of the game similar to that of the real game.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Game


Let’s talk about PES 2018 game

As for the behavior of the players and their animations! This year the system has been completely remodeled and the players models will be more realistic and conform to their bodies. There is also a system of and penalty shootings that will probably resemble the famous FIFA series. Physics has also been changed, especially with regard to the protection of the ball. Ron said in the presentation that in the previous free games a player felt very unnatural! However, free Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 players place their bodies between the defender the ball to keep possession, rather than in danger. It was one of the clearest novelties when we played it! Not only helped us keep the ball during the attack, but also added an immersion layer! Above all, this is how the players Keep life in real life football.





Some great news in PES 2018

Some PES fans would have complained about orientation spots on kicks and penalties, which was totally removed on Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 game. Similarly, which means that the screen seems simpler and you have to rely on your own skills to lead free kick. Although we did not experience any of these pieces in the games we played. In addition, we can imagine that this will make it even more satisfying, although for newcomers this could make things a little more difficult! Without the Arrows to tell you where to aim and how to make the most of things. The kicks have also been modified slightly, so you can change the kicks to one or two players by clicking a button.

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Additional files do we have in mind?

Just like in the real competition, FIFA World Cup matches and Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 free are the decisive match for the virtual cup of the football matches every year. The duel has become more tense in recent years, as Pro Evolution Soccer relented considerably. Now Konami is back to further develop his formula with PES 2018 access. But how much has really changed compared to last year? Over the past months, the developer sprinkled some information, such as improved control. How Konami solved this year’s control is interesting and not always better. But the quick response of the players will be useful if you want to dribble around the opponents more tightly.

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Another welcome feature is the context-sensitive shielding, which is particularly evident in the better players. Roughly speaking, it is now more apparent if a player is screened. Therefore, this adds an additional strategic layer to PES 2018, providing greater immersion. The best we like the improvement in the goalkeepers. It used that attackers could push the ball past the goalkeeper if they were close enough to the goalkeeper. This trick does not work anymore and we really have to outsmart the guardians or play them off – just like in the right sport. After that, the new pass and run options (to start a run with the passport-maker. 


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PES 2018 are great free game?

The user interface has also been improved, although in our opinion there is still a lot of room for improvement. For example, clear indicators of benefits would be desirable and a clear indication of who already has a yellow card. What is again very well done are the player pictures. Many of the big names have their own portraits, which makes the whole thing look much more authentic. The players could really be thought of as Jordan Henderson or Marco Reus now and not confused with a virtual copy. Friends of standard situations have to adapt, because free kicks and corners have come closer to the style of FIFA 18. There are no more helpful pillars, in PES 2018 free you have to rely entirely on your own intuition – which of course can be practiced in training.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Download Game 


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