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Đang xem: Don


‘He worked easily with the many newcomers into his department, most of them university dons.’
‘The indication that Oxford might have to consider implementing similar measures has been greeted with caution by University officials, dons, and students alike.’‘As a don at the local university, he reviewed regularly for the Glasgow Herald.’‘It was largely built in the second part of the nineteenth century when the university”s dons were allowed to marry for the first time.’‘Oxford dons see it as the best solution to the funding crisis afflicting Britain”s universities.’‘The club put me up at the house of ‘the Professor’ – a don of sorts at the university, and something of a legend in German basketball.’‘Above all, dons represent the university and must abide by its regulations.’‘Oxford dons – furious with the student hacks” actions – had already instigated disciplinary proceedings.’‘Some evenings he chose to dine with the other dons and professors at high table in college.’‘He found the college stuffed with dons hard in pursuit of their own lines of consultancy with industry.’‘He”s a neurophysiologist and a don at Magdalen College, and I always felt I was stupid because I couldn”t get anything like the same results as him.’‘Tall, bespectacled, fleshy, although in reasonably good shape, he has the self-effacing air of an old-fashioned university don.’‘The hall was packed with around 400 undergraduates, while heads of colleges, or dons, sat on the front benches as they do in Parliament.’‘Students, dons and members of the public gathered outside Balliol College in the centre of the city.’‘In a colourful ceremony the scholars, who were robed and gowned in full academic dress, were presented with their award by the president in front of the deans, doctors and dons of the college.’‘Opinion polls showed that most students supported him in his clashes with senior dons who were trying to force him out.’‘Having enjoyed Harvard so much, she has even thought of becoming a Cambridge don.’‘There was a furore amongst senior conservative dons, outraged at the possibility that they might assist a former youth offender and performance poet.’‘I did not have the rich reading repertoires of my fellow English dons and I had a much stronger social-political awareness than most of them.’

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‘There is probably room for a touch more earthiness, a little more hardness in her approach to a Don José who is always going to be putty in her hands.’‘Others see him as a Don Quixote-like noble, if naive, figure who sacrificed his political career rather than abandon his aspiration.’
‘She imagined a Spanish don living here in the 1800s, and building a stately hacienda in stages as his family grew.’
‘The Perdido Star eventually reaches Cuba, where young Jack”s parents are murdered by the requisite villainous Spanish don.’‘In the first half of the fifteenth century, Gutierre Diaz de Gámez wrote an account of the deeds of his lord don Pero Nino, count of Buelna.’

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‘The final straw was when she was sent to kill a mafia don.’‘Instead, like a mafia don in a witness protection program, he will have to leave his current life and construct a brand new one.’‘That”s the same maximum sentence a mafia don gets for threatening a witness.’‘With the storyline of the film revolving round the nexus between drug mafia and underworld dons, the mood of the film is certainly reflected in the music, it has been claimed.’‘If anything justifies the resistance, it is finding out that the people trying to run your country are little better than Mafia dons.’‘It”s the equivalent of a Mafia don writing the lead article in some law enforcement journal.’‘The machine was usually dominated by a single party leader who behaved in many respects like a mafia don.’‘It”s a ‘sins of the fathers are visited upon the sons’ tale about the privileged scions of a group of Mafia dons who find it impossible to make it in the straight world of New York by virtue of their last names.’‘But the don is immediately shown as a gentle person sniffing a flower, remarking about the undertaker being mistaken about them being murders.’‘While the attempt to free it from the clutches of underworld dons and whimsical financiers continues, more and more producers and directors are turning to banks and other credible public financing institutions for funds.’‘For the cash-strapped film industry, getting some amount of clean financing from the corporate sector is a whole lot better than dealing with dubious underworld dons.’‘While dons in the 1970″s films were larger-than-life, the 21st century don has risen from the streets and is rougher round the edges.’‘Empower the party groups and the youth groups financially and otherwise to work to mobilise communities and awake them to collective action to reclaim control from the dons.’‘An early brush with fame – and the big dons – came when she was the deputy commissioner of police of Mumbai ports from 1987 to 1991.’‘She is well known across Karnataka as a firebrand journalist, doing scoops on underworld dons and hard-hitting interviews with politicians.’‘Help to the French lady comes in the form of a carefree auto driver who wants to flee the town to escape gambling dons who are after him to recover their money.’‘This is as good, or bad, as the Mafia taking out a ‘contract’ on the head of a targeted rival amongst the dons.’‘If you want to do business in those areas, you have to pay tribute to the dons.’‘It may not be the first time he will be playing an underworld don, but it will probably be a first at trying the ‘over the top’ emotions that the movie seems to carry.’‘Will he team up with an underworld don to finish off another?’

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