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One Piece: Donquixote Doflamingo's 10 Strongest Techniques During the Dressrosa arc, Doflamingo demonstrated some of his amazing techniques to the fans, especially during his fight against Luffy.

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The captain of the Donquixote Pirates, Doflamingo is one of the most charismatic villains in the world of One Piece. Living up to his moniker of the Heavenly Demon, he possesses a strong Devil Fruit called Ito Ito no Mi.

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Doflamingo”s control over his Devil Fruit is extremely good, which when coupled with his Haki, makes him one of the most powerful people in One Piece. During the Dressrosa arc, Doflamingo demonstrated some of his amazing techniques to the fans, especially during his fight against Luffy. Here are the 10 strongest techniques of Donquixote Doflamingo in One Piece.

Also known as Bullet String, Tamaito is a technique that Doflamingo utilizes through his finger. As the name suggests, using the string power offered by his Devil Fruit, Doflamingo is able to shoot bullets from his finger and hurt his enemies badly.

This technique of his debuted against Trafalgar Law during the Dressrosa arc. Although this technique may look similar to being shot by a gun, it is way more lethal.

Goshikito, also known as Penta-Chromatic String, was first used by Doflamingo during the Punk Hazard arc in his fight against Smoker.

While being used, Doflamingo creates colored strings from each of his fingers, which explains the name of the technique. In terms of power, this attack is pretty impressive as it helped Doflamingo cut through a meteor, hurt Sanji, and also butcher multiple members of the Marine G-5 unit with ease.

Athlete is one of the strongest kicking techniques of Donquixote Doflamingo that makes use of both his Haki and his Devil Fruit ability.

In this technique, Doflamingo attaches very long strings to his foot, which is covered in Haki and unleashes a powerful strike on the enemy. When used against Luffy, even the rubber defenses weren”t enough to stop this attack. However, it certainly isn”t an all-powerful technique as Luffy was able to brush it off easily in Gear Fourth.

Overheat is one of Doflamingo”s most used moves and also one of the most reliable ones when it comes to decimating his opponents.

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It offers Doflamingo something different from his usual close quarters” combat techniques since this one is a ranged attack. It is extremely fast and can cut through a mountain like a hot knife through butter. When used in Dressrosa, it easily smashed through buildings and people likewise.

Parasite is one of Doflamingo”s most intriguing abilities that was first revealed during the Jaya Arc of One Piece. Although most things about it remained unknown back then, it was explained to the fans as the series progressed.

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To use this technique, Doflamingo attaches his string to an enemy”s spine, granting him full control over their movement. This technique is very terrifying, as seen throughout the series, however, Luffy, in his Gear Fourth state, was able to break free from it quite easily.

5 Black Knight

Black Knight is a string clone that Doflamingo can utilize in the midst of battle. Being a clone, it is definitely not as powerful as Doflamingo himself, however, its skill is way above the level of an average fighter.

During the Dressrosa arc, Black Knight was able to keep up with Luffy in his Gear Second state, which is unpredictable, to say the least. The ability to not feeling any pain makes it all the more terrifying.

Torikago, also known as Bird Cage, is one of the Doflamingo”s strongest abilities. As the name suggests, this ability allows Doflamingo to create a cage of strings around a particular area. Surprisingly, the cage can”t be cut through or broken and the only way to stop it from closing in is to take down Doflamingo.

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Even the force of an Admiral couldn”t cut through the cage, which just makes it a menacing weapon. This technique has the power to decimate an entire island with ease.

3 Off White

Doflamingo”s Devil Fruit control is incredibly refined, which he”s demonstrated time and again in the series. Thanks to that, he was able to awaken his Devil Fruit powers eventually.

While using his Devil Fruit awakening, Doflamingo gains access to several powerful techniques, such as Off White. When using this move, Doflamingo creates two massive strings from the ground in order to protect himself from an attack. It goes without saying that this is one of the best defensive abilities in One Piece.

Senbon no Ya: Flap Thread is an interesting technique that Doflamingo named off of the horrific events of his childhood.

Upon being used, Flap Thread takes the form of countless strings that come flying in a wing formation. This move debuted against Luffy at Dressrosa and is easily the second strongest move in the Heavenly Demon”s arsenal.

1 Juroppatsu no Seinaru Kyodan: God Thread

Juroppatsu no Seinaru Kyodan: God Thread is also known as Sixteen Assassin”s Bullets: God Execution. Just like Flap Thread, this technique relates to his scarred childhood.

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It is the strongest move in Doflamingo”s arsenal and it was even able to stop Luffy”s King Kong for a brief second when coupled with Spider Web. Despite everything it had to offer, however, it was crushed by Luffy”s Gear Fourth, along with a Doflamingo himself.

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