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It is of course not always clear how a sequence of words produced by a very inexperienced speaker should to be divided into utterances.
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The book is divided into six parts, targeting the pests of pasture, field crops and vegetables, fruit, forestry, weeds and nuisance pests.
In summary, then, the adults preferred the anaphoric strategy and the ten-year-olds were divided between the thematic and anaphoric strategies.
If the widow decided to remarry, the inheritance from her late husband had to be divided among the children.
He concluded that twelve-year-old children divided inflected, but not derived words into component morphemes when they are spelling.
The 42 remaining stimuli (omitting veterinarian and including ambulance) were divided into a high-frequency group (>38.3) and a low-frequency group (
Furdiermore, although the eleven chapters are divided into sub-sections with topicheadings, none of the latter find mention on the contents page.


to be in or get into a difficult situation in which you are in danger of being criticized or punished

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‘Cooking up a storm’ and ‘faces like thunder’ (Idioms with weather words, Part 1)



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