Delusional Là Gì – Nghĩa Của Từ Delusion

Higher levels of meta-worry and endorsement of beliefs about the uncontrollability of worry were associated with higher levels of delusional distress.

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However, the further prediction that delusional distress would be associated with levels of meta-worry was not supported for the whole group of participants.
The delusional beliefs persist despite disagreement but not because the patient is unable to recognize that others have different mental states to their own.
Few cases were included even if the offender did not actually recognize his beliefs as delusional or was unable to describe his motivation.
Other headache associated with depression can be described more bizarrely, with almost a delusional tone.
We have every reason to believe that he may be delusional, oppressed with the kinds of ” voices” associated with what we now call schizophrenia.
What are the most characteristic features of delusional moments in daily life and under which specific contextual conditions do delusions occur?
The topic of one study in which dreaming is mentation occurring during sleep may be very different from hallucinatory or delusional thought content.

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This experiment examines two aspects of delusional cognition that have been reported clinically but not investigated empirically.
Our data confirm that patients diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia are not involved in delusional thinking all day long.


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