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Web-based platformG-OnRamp provides an integrated, web-based, graphical interface for performing large scale bioinformatics analyses.

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Reproducible workflowG-OnRamp record all the steps in the analysis workflow (e.g., tool parameters, data conversions) so that you can apply the same workflow to other eukaryotic genomes.
Share your resultsThe G-OnRamp analysis history (datasets, tools, and parameter settings) can be shared publicly or only with your colleagues.

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Customizable You can incorporate additional Galaxy tools and modify the G-OnRamp workflow (e.g., tool parameters) according to your needs.
Multiple deployment optionsG-OnRamp analysis can be done on the cloud (e.g., Amazon EC2) or on the a local virtual machine (e.g., VirtualBox) instance

The G-OnRamp project combines two successful and long-running projects—the Genomics Education Partnership (GEP) and the Galaxy Project. It aims to create an integrated, web-based, and scalable environment that enables biologists to utilize large genomic datasets for the interactive annotation of any eukaryotic genome.

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From genome data to genome browser:

The G-OnRamp Education Article is published on PLOS Computational Biology

The G-OnRamp Application Note is published on Bioinformatics

See the preprint at bioRxiv



65 participants from 40+ institutions26 genome assembliesAssembly sizes: 70Mb – 3.9GbNumber of scaffolds: 54 – 402,50124 genomes with RNA-seq data

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The G-OnRamp project is supported by NIH (BD2K grant 1R25GM119157 to SCRE), and is being carried out at Washington University in St Louis and the Oregon Health & Science University.

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