The Correct Facebook Group Cover Photo Size 2021: Free Template!

Your Facebook group cover is the VERY first thing new members will see when they click over to learn more about your group.

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Does it communicate with clarity, cohesion (and class) what your group is all about? If not, it’s time for us to get your cover connecting and converting for you! Pinky promise it’s easier than you think! Your group is not just another Facebook group – so don’t you dare look it!

1. Write your copy FIRST

In a previous post, How Facebook groups can seriously change your business, I talk about the importance of being clear about the purpose of your group and how it will benefit both you and your members.

It’s important to be clear on who your group is for, and what members can expect to learn from you.

In her course, Fab FB groups, Caitlin Bacher teaches about having a clear hook and valuable freebie exclusive for members.

Having a really good plan in writing (or a google doc) will help you know what copy will go in your graphic.


Caitlin Bacher (my go-to FB Group expert)

The Canva Community


Astro Twins pop up group

2. Use the right dimensions

This can seem like the hardest part. If you don’t know what to look for, or use the right dimensions your graphic (and first impression) can looked stretched, blurry or can crop off important information (or even your head!).

As of January 2018 the recommended size for a group cover is 1640 x 856px. Even though it’s cropped differently on mobile, desktop and tablet, this size seems to work for most layouts.

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TIP: Download the template on Facebook”s help center (right click > save image as) and import it into your Canva Account for step 3.

3. Create your Design in Canva

It’s time to create your cover like a pro. Here arefour easy steps to create a clear and functional Facebook group cover:

Select and create a custom design with dimensions 1640 x 856 pxDesign around the grey areas aka don”t put important information in these areas (see template + video)Place your copy on the left-hand side and use your brand elements to get just the right balanceAdd an image of YOU to the left. Yup, we need to see who’s hosting thisawesome group. I sharetwo easy ways to do that in the video.

That’s it. You are done! Download, and save your image, then update is in your group.

Pro Tips: Contrast is your friend, don’t forget to use the description area and add a clear CTA for your peeps, plus an easy link to click through to your freebie.

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Love this training, but want to save time with done-for-your template options from awell-designed welcome message to pretty daily prompts to get your group into action? I”ve got you covered with these Facebook Group Templates.


I’d love to know: What other questions do you have around creating your own Facebook Group Cover? How can I help? Let me know in the comments!

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