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Beta 1.1 is the first Counter-Strike public beta released by the developers that can still be found. This beta is an early prototype of the game that features only a little bit of what would eventually become Counter-Strike”s large arsenal, a WIP version of the hostage rescue game mode, and four maps removed long before the final version of the game was released. It provides an interesting look into the genesis of what became one of the most popular games of all time.

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Note that this prototype can only be run in early versions of Half-Life, before HL”s net code was changed by Valve. If run in a later version of HL or the Steam version of HL, it will crash. The maps can still be run in the final version of the game, however.


1 Betas 1.0 and 1.2.2 General3 Weapons4 Unfinished Weapons5 Graphics5.9 Player Models6 Sounds8 cs_assault9 cs_desert10 cs_mansion12 cs_siege

Betas 1.0 and 1.2.

Betas 1.0 and 1.2 are lost. However, a changelog for 1.2 is included with Counter-Strike, and the differences in Beta 1.0 can be inferred from what was changed in Beta 1.1.

Beta 1.0 to Beta 1.1

– greatly improved server stability, crashes should be eliminated- primary servers will now work with CS- fixed the ammo and armour reset bugs- balanced the economic system a bit- added new firing mode for the glock18- enabled “mp_friendlyfire” command for server admins- fixed map rotation- adds two new maps: cs_assault & cs_desert- cs_siege fixes- cs_wpndepot fixes

Beta 1.2

– 5 second “molasses period” at the start of all rounds to dissuade rushing tactics – kick option added- Refined the prices for some of the gunS(sic)- made the kevlar MUCH more effective (it now covers people”s arms) – made jumping and shooting MUCH more inaccurate for all the guns- added a $16,000 salary cap – tweaked the bonus money awards. – tweaked the flashbangs effectiveness


Weapon Boxes

When a player dies, he drops a weapon box containing the weapon he was using when he died and the ammo contained in it, like in Half-Life”s deathmatch. This lets the player break the weapon system and hold multiple pistols, SMGs, or rifles. While the weapon box was removed in Beta 2.0, the behavior of having multiple weapons of a certain type was not removed until much later.


Only hostage rescue is present in this prototype.

Hostages are not automatically rescued when they reach a hostage rescue zone. Instead, the player must hit a button bound with the “hostage” command when in a hostage rescue zone in order to save them. When hostages are rescued, the amount of hostages rescued with the “hostage” command are shown on the left side of the screen. If the player is in a hostage rescue zone and does not have any hostages, the message will show 0 hostages rescued. There are no markings to indicate a hostage rescue zone nor does an icon appear on the HUD, but there is an unused graphic of a Half-Life scientist in both this prototype and the final game that would fit a hostage or a hostage rescue zone.

If all hostages are saved, a round will not end.

All hostages use Half-Life”s scientist models. They use the final”s voices, however.

Weapon Prices

Almost all weapons have different prices in Beta 1.1. The only exception is the Glock 18.

WeaponBeta 1.1 priceFinal price
USP $400 $500
M3 pump shotgun $1250 $1750
MP5 $1250 $1500
TMP $1100 $1250
M4A1 $3000 $3100
AWP $5000 $4750
G3 SG/1 $7000 $5000
M249 $8000 $5750
Flashbang Grenade $150 $200

Kevlar Vest

The Kevlar Vest only covers the chest in this prototype.

The Kevlar Vest with Helmet is not in this prototype.

Ammo Purchasing

Ammo is purchased on a separate screen. In addition, the player must purchase the ammo based on the type of ammo (such as 9x19mm for the Glock 18 and MP5) instead of selecting an option like “Primary ammo” or “Secondary ammo” to easily fill up the weapons he is using.

Buying Grenades and Kevlar

Armor and grenades are purchased through a separate menu, which can be brought up with the command “buyitem”.

5.56x45mm Ammo Reserves

The M4A1 and M249 draw from the same source of 5.56x45mm ammo, meaning the player can hold far more rounds with the M4A1 (up to a whopping 200 rounds) than he can in the final game. Later versions of the game fix this so that the M4A1 and M249″s 5.56x45mm ammo pools are separate.

Network Code

This prototype is quite unstable online. The player will often disconnect while playing over the internet.

Default Player Name

The default player name in this prototype is “FRICKEN_MORON”.

Round Time

In this prototype, a round lasts 8 minutes.

Weapon Replacement

When buying a new weapon that occupies the same slot a current weapon is in, the old weapon will be overwritten with the new weapon. Beta 2.0 to the final game makes the player drop the old weapon, then gives him the new weapon.


Glock 18

The Glock 18″s model is identical to the one used in the final version.

The alt-fire key makes the gun shoot a three-round burst instead of switching the fire mode, like in the final game.


The USP has a completely different model in Beta 1.0. It is darker than the final model and lacks an attachable suppressor. However, it has a LAM module that disappears from the final”s model. The CSweapons.txt file included with the prototype indicates that it would have a suppressor, which it would get in the next major beta.

The world model is also different. The model is larger than the one used in the final and the texture used is based off of an image of a real USP Tactical instead of being drawn.

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Prototype Final
Prototype Final

MP5 Navy

The MP5 Navy has a different model and animations in this prototype.

In-game, it is very similar to its final incarnation.

Prototype Final


The TMP”s model is the same as it is in the final game, but has slightly larger textures in Beta 1.0 (not large enough to notice because of OpenGL resizing the textures).

The Beta 1.0 TMP is more accurate than it is in the final game.

Benelli M3 Shotgun

The M3 uses a different model in Beta 1.0. The textures are completely different and darker than the ones used in the final game. Its animations are different as well.

Prototype Final


The M4A1 is very different in this prototype.

Its model is completely different from the one in the final game. It has a scope mounted on it, a forward assist that looks like a bent piece of wire, and completely different textures. The animation used is different as well; the player simply pulls the magazine out with his thumb on the magazine release button and puts a new one in without the fancy forward assist tugging.

In-game, the M4A1 has a zoom function that can be activated with the alternate fire key. It behaves very similar to the SG552 and AUG”s zoom functions, but does not reduce the firing rate, like it does with the final AUG and SG552.

Beta 1.0 uses an M4A1 world model that does not appear in any other version of Counter-Strike. It appears to be based on a plain M4A1 without any optics or other attachments on it.

Both the Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist teams can use this weapon in Beta 1.1.

The basis of this rifle would eventually be reused in the spinoff Counter-Strike Online as the M4A1 Scope, though with some more differences.

Prototype Final
Prototype Final


The AWP is almost identical to the one used in the final game. It has slightly different firing animation and legshots will kill an enemy, unlike in later versions of the game.

The crosshair is enabled when using the AWP without looking down the scope in Beta 1.1 and several other prototypes.

It has a different scope reticle in Beta 1.1.

Prototype Final

G3 SG/1

The G3 SG/1 is almost the same as it is in the final game in both behavior and looks. The only difference is that it uses a unique scope reticle with a night vision effect.

The crosshair is enabled when using the G3 SG/1 without looking down the scope in Beta 1.1 and several other prototypes.

Unlike the final game, both teams can use this weapon.

Prototype Final


The M249 is the same as it is in the final game.

Flashbang Grenade

The Flashbang is the same as it is in the final game, but the player can hold three of them in Beta 1.1.

Unfinished Weapons

The prototype contains graphics for some weapons that did not make it into Beta 1.1.


The SG552 has HUD graphics and is mentioned in the “CSweapons.txt” file included with Beta 1.1, but does not appear in the game.

The HUD graphics show that it did not have a scope at the time Beta 1.1 was compiled. CSweapons.txt states that its secondary fire would be to fold and unfold the stock, but it has a question mark at the end of it, suggesting that the developers were not sure about this as a secondary firing mode when the document was written.


The Knife has HUD graphics and is mentioned in the “CSweapons.txt” file included with Beta 1.0, but does not appear in the game.


There is a graphic for an HK69 grenade launcher and it is mentioned as a future weapon in “CSweapons.txt”. However, unlike the SG552 and Knife, it never appeared as a usable weapon in any version of Counter-Strike.



The HUD has several differences compared to the final game”s.

The health and armor icons are quite different. The health icon has a wave-like effect on the left side of the graphic. The armor graphic is completely different; it features a guy in a tough-looking pose with the same wave effect on his left side.

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This prototype uses the Pistol crosshair from Half-Life, while the final game uses a unique and dynamic crosshair.

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