Corel Coreldraw 12 Has A New Version: Download Your Trial Free Now

Do you know that Corel DRAW 12 download is completely free? I’ll tell you how to use it without violating the law and damaging your PC. In the article, I’ll provide the most effective alternatives to this program.

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CorelDRAW 12 Free Benefits

Ideal for working with vector graphics Convenient gradient fill Exports graphics to Microsoft Office Hundreds of professional templates Touch-up brush for high-end retouching


What is CorelDRAW 12?

CorelDRAW 12 is a vector graphics editor. This graphics pack incorporates tools for vector illustrations, page layouts, photo editing, etc.

What OS is this program compatible with?

You can download Corel DRAW 12 for Windows and macOS. Unfortunately, the program is not compatible with Linux.

How old is this version?

CorelDRAW 12 was released in 2004. Since then, the developers have presented 9 more versions of this program.

Is Corel DRAW 12 free download option available from the official site?

Since this version of the program is outdated, the developers have discontinued their support. This means that you cannot download Corel DRAW 12 full version with serial keys from the official website. Instead, you can get the most recent version of the program, Graphics Suite with a 15-day free trial period.

How much does CorelDRAW cost?

After the free trial period expires, you will have to pay $669. Those who find the one-time fee too big can buy a one-year license that costs only $198.

Another Ways to Use Corel DRAW 12 Free

Instead of downloading an illegal version of the program, you can use one of the new programs, for instance, CorelDRAW Graphic Suite or CorelDRAW Home & Student Suite.

1. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020


CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020 Pros:

Supports all image formats Wide file compatibility Intuitive interface Various useful brushes Advanced typography

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a software package that combines several programs for working with graphics and images. The package includes CorelDRAW, which is used to work with vectors. Corel Photo-Paint is designed for photo editing. Corel R.A.V.E. is perfect for creating and editing animations.

The package includes about 7 thousand creative resources and video tutorials. Besides, you can use over 150 templates and several thousand pictures.

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2. CorelDRAW Home & Student Suite 2020

(4/5) Reviews: 290 License: 30-days trial Downloads: 18k Version: 2020 Compatible: Win



CorelDRAW Home & Student Suite 2020 Pros:

Intuitive interface Ideal for home use Suitable for publishing needs Various useful tools

CorelDraw Home & Student Suite 2020 is developed specifically for beginners who are just getting started with this software. The program interface is simplified, which is quite helpful for students and novice designers. One of the key advantages of CorelDraw Home & Student Suite 2020 is that it allows you to work with printed products.

CorelDRAW 12 Pirated Version

Those who do not want to pay for the licensed version of CorelDRAW 12 and prefer to download a crack should understand that this is quite risky. I will discuss the main problems that might arise.

1. Law breaking

By downloading pirated software, you automatically break the law. At the first offense, your access to the Internet might get restricted, and you might receive a warning. If you re-download the unlicensed program, you might get a heavy fine and even face a lawsuit. Thus, you’d better think twice whether such software is worth downloading.

2. No Technical Support

If you have any problems while working with pirated software, you will hardly get help from the developers. You will need to spend much time and effort looking for a resolution on the Internet.

3. Viruses

One of the main problems when downloading unlicensed software is that your computer might get infected with viruses. Many torrent files come with malware. Some viruses are relatively safe and just annoy users with a huge amount of ads. Others can steal personal data and even information from bank accounts. The best free antivirus software will help you reduce the risk, but they are not capable of coping with complex viruses.

4. No Updates

Those who have downloaded Corel DRAW 12 free of charge and then purchased its licensed version, will get constant updates. Users working with pirated software will not receive such updates. Moreover, after verification, an unlicensed program might get blocked altogether.


5. Errors and System Failures

Another problem with unlicensed programs is frequent bugs and errors. When uploading a program to a torrent site, hackers can delete parts of the code that they think are irrelevant. In practice, this can make important functions unavailable or lead to constant program crashes. As the result, the unsaved progress might be lost.

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Free CorelDRAW 12 Alternatives

If you do not want to pay a rather impressive amount for the official version of the program, you can use its alternatives. I offer a list of the best software here.

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