Trái Nghĩa Của Commemorate Là Gì Trong Tiếng Anh? Trái Nghĩa Của Commemorate

to remember officially and give respect to a great person or event, especially by a public ceremony or by making a statue or special building:

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Although disruptive from the point of view of heritage preservation, these two popular practices follow the established conventions of commemorating or advertising a superior achievement.
A few years ago a cultural initiative was established in order to revisit and commemorate the history of the quarry through various cultural events.
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However, this interpretation of the text rests upon a number of false assumptions regarding its manuscript tradition and the celebrity of the martyrs it commemorates.
As will be shown below, medical eponyms can also employ names from nonmedical areas, where typicality rather than priority is commemorated.
Changes to names could indicate religious loyalties, desires to commemorate deceased family members and long-term transformations in selfperceptions of families.
Chapter 9 surveys the ways that the conflict has been commemorated and recalled both fictionally and factually over the past century.
Sublime moments of creation are either transiently performed or statically commemorated and “recalled” in the oratorio.
In this model, obituaries-like the world of the lives they commemorate-have only a finite amount of room.
Among these are volumes commemorating deceased persons which are distributed to participants at cremation ceremonies.
Funeral monuments were most adept in commemorating bishops where the tombs had some curious distinction.

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Second, its annual festivals and those commemorating the spirits of the military dead are important rituals for the shrine.
Its length permits full recall of the important accomplishments to be commemorated, and the syllabic style conveys every word clearly to the audience.
His lifetime”s work and his insight into the importance of anatomy for understanding the brain are aptly commemorated in this publication.
An evaluation of what has been remembered and commemorated and how that has happened can provide insights into the construction of the discipline.


the act of making information or stories available to people in a printed or electronic form

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