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She felt it probe inside and let her weight rest there, then she clasped him tighter and stopped thinking ” ” (39).
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I am aware that the necessity for economy has made it impracticable to proceed with the issue of clasps.
Once medals are issued you cannot get them back without loss and delay if they are to have their clasps added.
No estimate of the number of battle clasps required can be given until the question of such award has received further consideration.
The question of clasps, or bars as they are sometimes called—in my opinion miscalled—on medal ribbons will not come up till after the war.
The principal qualification is 12 years” continuous satisfactory service, and clasps are awarded for additional periods of eight years thereafter.
The possibility, however, of awarding clasps for particular operations is a matter that is now receiving careful consideration.
When we have to deal with 6,000,000 or 7,000,000 medals with four or five clasps apiece the figures run to 25,000,000 or 30,000,000.





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