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ChemDraw Professional 2016 review by chemjobber; “ChemDraw Professional 16, which I was very happy to do. As someone whose employer doesn’t always purchase ChemDraw, it’s really great to work with a product that has classic functionality and is well known to us all. Who among us hasn’t stayed up into the middle of the night during graduate school, carefully drawing structures, wrestling with bond angles and getting the bond thicknesses just right in order to produce a really beautiful image?

It’s still a great product that’s simple to use. I don’t use chemical drawing programs routinely (it’s an odd aspect of my work, and also an aspect of using paper notebooks), but sitting down and drawing out a number of reaction schemes was just as simple as I remember. It was just like riding a bicycle. I hadn’t had a chance to play with ChemDraw’s very impressive set of templates, the results of my doodling are to the right.

There are a number of new features with ChemDraw 16. I played around a bit with the retrosynthesis tool, which I found to be an interesting idea, but not quite fully fleshed out. Maybe in future versions, it would provide more details or suggestions of possible reactions than just simply suggesting two starting material molecules. It’s a great idea, though, and one that I think needs to be expanded in the future (maybe in conjunction with links to literature searching?).”

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