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character /”kæriktə/ danh từ tính nết, tính cách; cá tính đặc tính, đặc điểm; nét đặc sắcwork that locks character: tác phẩm không có gì đặc sắc chí khí, nghị lựca man of character: người có chí khí nhân vậtthe characters in a novel: những nhân vật trong một quyển tiểu thuyếta public character: nhân vật nổi tiếng người lập dịcharacter actor: diễn viên chuyên đóng vai lập dị tên tuổi, danh tiếng, tiếngto have an excellent character for honesty: nổi tiếng về chân thật giấy chứng nhận (về năng lực, đạo đức…)a good character: giấy chứng nhận tốt chữ; nét chữ (của ai)books in chinese character: sách chữ Trung quốcin (out of) character hợp (không hợp) với tính chất của diễn viên (vai kịch); hợp (không hợp) với đặc tính của ai
đặc điểmđặc tínhphẩm tính (yếu tố C thứ ba trong điều tra tín dụng)bold characterchữ đậmcertificate of characterchứng chỉ hạnh kiểmcharacter codemã chữ cáicharacter datasố liệu chữcharacter fontphông chữcharacter insertsự chèn thêm chữcharacter printermáy in ký tựcharacter referencechừng minh thưcharacter spacingkhoảng cách giữa các chữcharacter stringchuỗi ký tự (máy tính)control characterký tự điều khiển (để tạo dòng mới hoặc quay lại)good characterhạnh kiểm tốtmagnetic ink character recognitionsự nhận ra dấu chữ bằng mực từnumberic characterchữ sốnumeric characterchữ sốoptical character recognitionmáy đọc chữ bằng quang họcsocial character of insurancetính xã hội của bảo hiểmtwofold character of commoditytính chất đôi của hàng hóatwofold character of labourtính chất đôi của lao động <"kæriktə> o đặc điểm Phần của tín hiệu địa chấn có thể nhận biết được. o đặc tính § optical character : đặc tính quang (học) § rock character : đặc tính của đá

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): character, characteristic, characterize, uncharacteristic, characteristically


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Từ điển Collocation

character noun

1 person”s nature/person with a particular nature

ADJ. good, excellent, exemplary, impeccable | generous, gentle, likeable, lovable, popular | colourful, larger-than-life, lively, real You must have come across some real characters, working in the circus. | reformed He used to go out every night, but now he”s a reformed character. | complex, elusive, enigmatic, odd | forceful, formidable, strong | weak | volatile | prickly, unpleasant | bad, evil, ruthless, violent | dubious, shady, suspicious Who”s that suspicious character hanging around outside? | true | local The pub was full of colourful local characters. | human | moral a woman of impeccable moral character

VERB + CHARACTER be, have | form, make up | reveal She revealed her true character when anyone disagreed with her. | conceal, hide | reflect His scruffy appearance does not reflect his character.

CHARACTER + NOUN trait | defect | change She”s undergone a complete character change since her promotion. | reference Applicants were required to obtain character references before being considered for the work. | assassination The defence lawyer attempted a character assassination of the witness (= tried to show the witness had a bad character). | actor, actress

PREP. in sb”s ~ It”s not in his character to tell lies. | out of ~ The lawyer argued that his client”s violent behaviour was out of character.

2 nature of sth

ADJ. distinctive, individual, unique | essential, fundamental, intrinsic | original | traditional The renovated buildings retain their traditional character. | international, national, regional Food in Italy has a distinct regional character. the features that make up the national character | intimate | public the public character of material published on the Internet | serious offences of a serious character | military, political | rural, urban The development detracts from the rural character of the area.

VERB + CHARACTER have Each house in the street has its own distinctive character. | assume, take on As you move north, the landscape takes on a different character. | form, make up factors that form the character of a nation | lose The town centre has lost much of its original character. | retain | preserve | give sth It”s the basil that gives the sauce its essential character.

PREP. in ~ The houses are Mediterranean in character.

3 interesting quality that sth has

ADJ. considerable, great

VERB + CHARACTER have His face has character?I”ll say that for it. | add, give sth the individual touches that give character to a house

PREP. of ~ buildings of considerable character

PHRASES full of character The restaurant is cheap and full of character. | have a character of its own/all (of) its own Your handwriting has a character of its own.

4 person”s inner strength

ADJ. great

VERB + CHARACTER show The team showed great character in coming back to win. | build Adventure camps are considered to be character-building.

PHRASES strength of character

5 person in a story/film, etc.

ADJ. central, chief, leading, main, principal | minor, supporting | fictional, fictitious | believable | sympathetic, unsympathetic | comic, heroic, tragic | cartoon

VERB + CHARACTER play, portray The main character is played by Nicole Kidman. | develop the artist who developed the Superman character | kill off The writers killed off her character when she wanted to leave the soap.

CHARACTER + NOUN development

PREP. in ~ The actors remained in character to answer questions from the audience.

6 letter/sign in writing/printing

ADJ. Chinese | ASCII, numeric

QUANT. set, string

VERB + CHARACTER insert | delete

CHARACTER + NOUN set, string

Từ điển WordNet


good repute

he is a man of character

(genetics) an attribute (structural or functional) that is determined by a gene or group of genes


engrave or inscribe characters on

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Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. A letter, number, punctuation mark, or other symbol or control code that is represented to a computer by one unit—1 byte—of information. A character is not necessarily visible, either on the screen or on paper; a space, for example, is as much a character as is the letter a or any of the digits 0 through 9. Because computers must manage not only so-called printable characters but also the look (formatting) and transfer of electronically stored information, a character can additionally indicate a carriage return or a paragraph mark in a word-processed document. It can be a signal to sound a beep, begin a new page, or mark the end of a file. See also ASCII, control character, EBCDIC.

English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

characterssyn.: actor constitution disposition eccentric letter makeup nature performer player sign symbol temperament

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