Channel Nghĩa Là Gì Trong Tiếng Anh? Nel Nghĩa Là Gì Trong Tiếng Anh?

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channel /”tʃænl/ danh từ eo biển lòng sông, lòng suối kênh mương, lạch; ống dẫn (nước dầu…) (nghĩa bóng) đường; nguồn (tin tức, ý nghĩ, tư tưởng…)secret channels of information: những nguồn tin mậtthrought the usual channels: qua những nguồn thường lệtelegraphic channel: đường điện báodiplomatic channel: đường dây ngoại giao (rađiô) kênh (kiến trúc) đường xoi (kỹ thuật) máng, rãnhthe Channel biển Măng sơ ngoại động từ đào rãnh, đào mương chảy xói (đất) thành khe rãnh (nước mưa) chuyểnto channel inmformation to: chuyển tin tức cho hướng vào (cái gì), xoáy vào (cái gì) (kiến trúc) bào đường xoi
kênhadministrative channel: kênh hành chánhchannel captain: trưởng kênh phân phối (hàng)channel control: sự kiểm soát kênhchannel cooperation: sự hợp tác kênhchannel effectiveness: sự hữu hiệu của kênhchannel fees: phí qua lại kênh đàochannel of communication: kênh truyền thôngchannel of distribution: kênh phân phốichannel performance: hiệu suất của kênhchannel power: năng lực của kênhcirculation channel: kênh lưu thôngcommercial channel: kênh thương mạiconventional marketing channel: kênh tiếp thị truyền thốngdirect channel: kênh (phân phối) trực tiếpfilter-press wash water channel: kênh rửa nước ép lọcheat channel: kênh nhiệtmarketing channel: kênh tiếp thịrationing channel: kênh phân phốitrade channel: kênh thương mạimángfeed channel: máng tiếp nhậnjuice channel: máng dịch épốngair channel: ống hútair channel: ống quạt gióexpulsion smoke channel: ống khóiinduction smoke channel: ống dẫn khóirãnhchannel discountchiết khấu đặc thùheat channelcầu nhiệtmarketing communications channel policychính sách truyền thông tiếp thịsales through one”s own channeltự tiêu thụ <"t∫ænl> o hốc Hốc bên ngoài ống chống do khuyết tật của việc trám xi măng. o rãnh Rãnh lõm do xâm thực cửa sông hoặc dòng nước ngầm tạo nên. o kênh Một loạt thiết bị nối tiếp với nhau từ nguồn tới máy ghi. Kênh thông tin trong máy tính o kênh; lòng sông; eo biển § drainage channel : kênh tiêu nước § ore channel : kênh quặng § outflow channel : dòng ra § rocking channel : máng đá § tidal channel : kênh triều § channel of ascent : họng núi lửa § channel deposit : trầm tích lòng sông § channel fill : trầm tích lấp lòng (sông) § channel job : công tác trám rãnh § channel pore : lỗ rãnh § channel sands : cát lòng sông § channel wave : sóng kênh



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Từ điển Collocation

channel noun

1 television/radio station

ADJ. radio, television/TV, video | cable, satellite, terrestrial | commercial, independent | movie, sports, etc.

VERB + CHANNEL change (to), switch (to/over to), tune (in) to I changed channels when the news came on.

CHANNEL + VERB broadcast This channel broadcasts 24 hours a day.

PREP. on a/the ~ There”s an interesting documentary on Channel 4 tonight.

2 route for sending information

ADJ. direct, indirect Journalists always have indirect channels for getting information. | formal, official She first tried to get a doctor”s certificate through official channels. | informal | appropriate, conventional, normal, proper, right, usual | effective an effective channel for communication | diplomatic | communication, distribution worldwide distribution channels

VERB + CHANNEL go through, use If you want a visa, you will have to go through the proper channels. | establish, open (up) attempts to open up new channels of communication

PREP. through a/the ~ The government hopes to settle the dispute through diplomatic channels.

PHRASES a channel of communication, channels of distribution

3 narrow area of water

ADJ. deep | narrow | drainage, irrigation Irrigation channels supply the crops with water. | river, water The estate has fountains and water channels. | shipping

Từ điển WordNet


a passage for water (or other fluids) to flow through

the fields were crossed with irrigation channels

gutters carried off the rainwater into a series of channels under the street

a deep and relatively narrow body of water (as in a river or a harbor or a strait linking two larger bodies) that allows the best passage for vessels

the ship went aground in the channel


Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. 1. A path or link through which information passes between two devices. A channel can be either internal or external to a microcomputer. 2. In communications, a medium for transferring information. Depending on its type, a communications channel can carry information (data, sound, and/or video) in either analog or digital form. A communications channel can be a physical link, such as the cable connecting two stations in a network, or it can consist of some electromagnetic transmission on one or more frequencies within a bandwidth in the electromagnetic spectrum, as in radio and television, or in optical, microwave, or voice-grade communication. Also called: circuit, line. See also analog, band, bandwidth, digital, electromagnetic spectrum, frequency. 3. A single color within a digital color space. For example, the RGB color space contains three channels—red, green, and blue—and all colors within the RGB color space are created with a combination of one or more of those three color channels. In CMYK there are four channels—cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Color management and graphics applications rely on control and manipulation of individual color channels. See also color space.

Investopedia Financial Terms

1. The system of intermediaries between the producers, suppliers, consumers, etcetera, for the movement of a good or service. 2. The technical range between support and resistance levels that a stock price has traded in for a specific period of time.Channel StuffingRectangleResistanceSupportTechnical Analysis

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

channels|channeled|channelled|channeling|channellingsyn.: TV station artery corridor passageway strait waterway

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