Crossfire Download – Installing The Cf Cli

FTP Sites throughout the world where can be obtained.

The current version of the server is 1.75.0 as of 2021-Jan-13.

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Older Server Releases

ATTENTION Linux Users:

ATTENTION Windows Users:

Note1: A somewhat regular snapshot is available for the server and client, no compiling is needed – just download and install from the .exe file Note2: There are two (2) installation files required – the server and the maps, both available as .exe files


CVS support has phased out at SourceForge so for historic and archive purposes, a tarball of the CVS code repo is available for download. (215M) MD5 ( = 65182fa0b1750ba3e42d828afc0217a3 NOTE: Decompressed content size is 980M total


The general commands to check out a module (archtypes, client, maps, server, et al) is the following:

svn co svn co svn co svn co

See the SVN page for more information on SVN commands, syntax, options, etc.

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Compile from Source:

See the Wiki for more information on how to compile the server and client(s) from the source code.

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Linux Server & Clients:

Windows Server: Windows Server Map Set: (required)

Mac OS X – X11 CF Client:

Mac OS X – X11 GTK Client, Intel:

SVN Snapshot:

Mac OS X – X11 GTK Client, PPC:

Windows GTK Client:

The automated build process makes frequent snapshot releases.

Linux Client GTK-v2, RPM:

X86 X86_64

JX Client:

Snapshot build, local and remote mirror: SHA256 hash sum =ce80ee7b5b593f712bbb68fbf60e192b2cbd51db81d787b20094e3723889a6c6 SHA1 hash sum =cbc535c7551fedcc54ddd298a23da391e16403c9 md5um =db7532cef752a1b84154c21fa1d9bd6e

Gridarta (formerly CF Java Editor):

Snapshot mirror (USA): md5sum =873bcf81b9dac7cec43c270fca9519a7 SHA1 hash sum =b7190b2585694d62f623f3c5c24e7270049baf5b SHA256 hash sum =24ba90f9fef07d29d66df3b42c82325636f73c64d5894e60920a34084d328657


Command to check out (read only) the Gridarta for map editor:

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