Nghĩa Của Từ Capacity, Từ Capacity Là Gì? (Từ Điển Anh Nghĩa Của Từ Capacity Trong Tiếng Việt

We are running below capacity (= not producing as many goods as we are able to) because of cancelled orders.

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Nâng cao vốn từ vựng của bạn với English Vocabulary in Use từọc các từ bạn cần giao tiếp một cách tự tin.

He suffered a stroke in 2008, which left him unable to speak, but his mental capacity wasn”t affected.

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She guides tourists at the Martin Luther King Jr. Birth Home in her capacity as a National Park Service ranger.
capacity audience/crowd The rally drew a capacity crowd of 15,000 people (= the place, which held 15,000 people, was completely full).

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sb”s capacity as sth In her capacity as portfolio manager, she has primary responsibility for making day-to-day investment decisions.
A second important benefit of dreaming is to maintain cognitive capacities such as encoding perceptions, making decisions, and planning actions.
Hand-written annotations and automated calculations are given a complementarity status as they contribute to a process of a heightening of listening capacities.
Các quan điểm của các ví dụ không thể hiện quan điểm của các biên tập viên hoặc của University Press hay của các nhà cấp phép.
In indigenous thought, full ” this-worldly ” personhood implied bodily capacities, not as an aspect of itself but as the precondition to enter and sustain social relationships.
Further, the language of local institutional development uses notions like animation, motivation, or catalysts which convey the idea of retrieval of latent community capacities.
We note that the reform countries differ in size and production structure suggesting different capacities in goods delivery and absorption.
Indeed, experience and rational calculation might well build on the kind of evolved capacities that concern us here.
One conclusion from this is that economic security is a key determinant of planning and this means that people have different capacities to plan.
The provision of basic social rights is subject to the capacities of governments to raise the necessary resources for effectively running social programmes.
Consequently, some living beings exercise their capacities for reproduction; other living beings do not need to, since they are everlasting.
Along with its emphasis on local capacities and resilience, this volume tends to view donors, international organisations and global processes with scepticism.
The capacities of reconfiguration are obviously linked to the results of fault detection and isolation algorithms.





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