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c —used to indicate possibility Do you think he can still be alive?Those things can happen. —sometimes used interchangeably with may

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a : a container (as of tinplate) in which products (such as perishable foods) are hermetically sealed for preservation until use a can of beans
b : a usually metal typically cylindrical receptacle usually with an open top, often with a removable cover, and sometimes with a spout or side handles (as for holding liquid or trash)
d : a vessel for holding liquids specifically : a drinking vessel … in his hand did bear a boozing can … — Edmund Spenser
e : a recessed lighting fixture Augment natural light with recessed cans in the ceiling, sconces on side walls, or a table lamp on a shelf …— Jill Connors
6 informal : headphone —usually plural You don”t realize just how noisy it is inside a plane until you put on a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones … . I generally leave the noise-cancelling cans on even when I”m not listening to anything at all—the relative quiet makes a long trip less stressful.— Steven Morgenstern

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canful ˈkan-​ˌfu̇l noun

Synonyms for can

Synonyms: Noun


Synonyms: Verb (2)

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Can vs. May: Usage Guide

Verb (1)

Can and may are most frequently interchangeable in uses denoting possibility; because the possibility of one”s doing something may depend on another”s acquiescence, they have also become interchangeable in the sense denoting permission. The use of can to ask or grant permission has been common since the 19th century and is well established, although some commentators feel may is more appropriate in formal contexts. May is relatively rare in negative constructions (mayn”t is not common); cannot and can”t are usual in such contexts.

Recent Examples on the Web: Noun While there was no role for a can of peaches, the FBI did receive some timely assistance from a curious moose. — David Reamer, Anchorage Daily News, “In WWII, Talkeetna draft dodgers led the FBI on a wild chase by plane and dogsled,” 14 Feb. 2021 Styling is subjective, but the G80 has definite presence that draws eyeballs, especially in its $400 Porto Red paint, which is the same shade as a can of Dr. Pepper. — Tony Quiroga, Car and Driver, “Tested: 2021 Genesis G80 2.5T AWD Introduces Some Choices,” 12 Feb. 2021 Officers responded to a call the following morning that a man — suspected to be Elioff — had shoplifted a can of spray paint from a Mountain Iron store. — Katie Galioto, Star Tribune, “St. Louis County prosecutors say deputies were justified when they fatally shot 19-year-old man,” 8 Feb. 2021 Nichols was carrying a can of pepper spray and a crowbar while Harkrider carried a baton, the FBI said. — Taylor Pettaway, San Antonio Express-News, “North Texas real estate agent among 23 Texans facing charges in connection with Capitol riot,” 5 Feb. 2021 There are 70 calories in the Coca-Cola with Coffee, half of the calories in a 12-ounce can of regular Coke. — Kelly Tyko, USA TODAY, “Coke Coffee: Coca-Cola rolls out new drinks, including zero-sugar, zero-calorie version at stores nationwide,” 26 Jan. 2021 Officers found the man eating potato chips and sitting next to an empty can of beer. — cleveland, “Drunk man strikes RTA bus with his hand: Fairview Park Police Blotter,” 21 Jan. 2021 Realivasquez eyed the crowd starting to amass and pulled a can of chemical irritant from his utility belt. — Andy Mannix, Star Tribune, “Video: Weeks before pinning George Floyd, three of the same officers roughly detained the wrong man,” 2 Feb. 2021 Nichols was carrying a can of pepper spray and a crowbar while Harkrider carried a baton, the FBI said. — Taylor Pettaway, San Antonio Express-News, “Self -proclaimed Proud Boy member one of 21 Texans facing charges in connection with Capitol riot,” 2 Feb. 2021

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First Known Use of can

Verb (1)

before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at transitive sense 2


before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1

Verb (2)

1855, in the meaning defined at sense 1a

History and Etymology for can

Verb (1)

Middle English (1st & 3rd singular present indicative), from Old English; akin to Old High German kan (1st & 3rd singular present indicative) know, am able, Old English cnāwan to know — more at know

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