Episode 413 – Deathbattle: Boa Hancock Vs Smoker

One Piece: 5 Characters Boa Hancock Can Defeat (& 5 She Can't) Boa Hancock is a powerful character on One Piece, which means there are plenty of people she can defeat, but there are others she can”t.

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One Piece is a Shonen series chock full of powerful, female characters. They fight alongside the Marines, collect swords, control the weather, and search for the world”s eternal youths. While there”s a pretty steep running for which woman can stand above them all, one may have the high heels necessary for doing so.

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That would be the Pirate Empress herself, Boa Hancock. Boa is one of the strongest pirates in the series, having garnered Warlord status when her bounty was just 80 million berries. She is also presumably the strongest of the Kuja. In a kingdom where strength is beauty, Boa ranks above them all with her powerful kicks and mysterious Devil Fruit. This list will be gauging that strength against a few One Piece characters and consider who she can defeat (& who”ll break her high heels).

While people may refer to Boa Hancock as the “Pirate Empress,” there is really only one character in the series who ranks high enough to have earned that title. Big Mom is one of the strongest female characters in One Piece“s entirety and possibly its world”s history.

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Though Boa has incredible Haki, martial arts skills, and a powerful Devil Fruit, Big Mom outclasses her in each of those categories with her otherworldly will, unnatural strength, and size, and an even more overpowered Devil Fruit. If strength is beauty, then Big Mom”s winning this pageant.

With recent developments in the One Piece world, the Seven Warlords have now been disbanded and are now being hunted down by the Marines.

And, for some reason, the Marines have Coby on the front lines of tackling Boa Hancock. That”s not to diminish Coby, and his quick ascent within the Marines, but it”s pretty loft to consider someone of his experience and Haki going well against the elite Kujas. Without some pretty hefty backup, Coby doesn”t stand a chance against someone of Boa”s training and power.

While Boa Hancock may be a pretty infamous Warlord, she”s still pretty far behind in infamy and power to some of her Warlord compatriots. Donquixote Doflamingo in particular has a certain tenacity and versatility that can circumvent most of Boa Hancock”s more direct attacks such as incredible quickness, flight, and an arguably more cumbersome Devil Fruit to trap and attack people with.

Doflamingo also has some prominent Haki and is an Awakened Devil Fruit user, putting plenty of gas in the tank to take down Boa Hancock. The snake is in this case is just mere prey to this bird of prey.

To be fair, Brook is one of the most capable fighters of the Straw Hat Pirates. He”s a talented sword fighter who supplemented his skills with otherworldly, spiritual powers. Coupled with his inherent speed, this could mean that Brook can keep up with Boa Hancock.

Though, that will probably be it. Not only can Boa Hancock just kick the marrow out of his bones, but her Devil Fruit allows her to inherently take out perverted people. Just bones will turn into just stone.

It”s not as if this fight would ever happen, but it”s nice to daydream. Without her head-over-heels crush on Luffy, Boa can be a significant threat to him. She”s an exceptionally talented fighter that has years of honed Haki abilities. However, Luffy got to train under the “Dark King,” Silvers Rayleigh, and built up his Haki and abilities.

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While Boa could”ve certainly done away with pre-timeskip Luffy, Luffy is now faster, can punch with fire, and can punch holes into entire cities, all qualities used to takeout Donquixote Doflamingo. In a world where strength is beauty, Luffy is absolutely glimmering in Boa”s eyes.

5 Can Defeat: Sanji

Boa Hancock and Sanji may actually be a pretty cool fight. They”re both shoot-style fighters whose kicks have devastated plenty of people in the past. Boa even does the hand stand thing that Sanji does to take out large portions of people. Given Sanji”s step up in Haki, he may be a worthy opponent against her.

However, with Sanji being canonically useless against every female combatant, Boa Hancock could easily take out the Straw Hat cook. Even in a reluctant battle, Sanji also has a major disadvantage in that Boa Hancock can turn perverts to stone with both her beams and her kicks.

Boa Hancock may actually be really excited for this one. After the events of the Paramount War, Akainu left Boa”s precious Luffy hurt and traumatized which must”ve set something off in the Pirate Empress” heart. It”s easy to imagine that, at first sight, Boa would immediately jump Akainu and dish out some of her most impassioned attacks.

However, they may prove useless against Akainu”s own burning fury. Akainu is the Fleet Admiral of the Marines and one of the organization”s strongest soldiers. He has the power and skill necessary for at least clashing with the Emperors and can devastate any rank lower than them. While Boa”s attack may be a nice gesture, it would be a futile one.

3 Can Defeat: Nami

While Boa may be overexcited to take on Akainu, she”d probably jump at this fight first. To Boa, the women of the Straw Hat Pirates are her main threat to being with Luffy; so if given the chance to fight one of them, she”d probably try really hard.

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That doesn”t mean the fight will be easy. Nami is great at evasive maneuvers and has the weather-controlling abilities of her Clima-Tact and Zeus behind her. Boa, however, could most likely still evade, if not at least weather some of Nami”s attacks. It”ll just be game over once she actually gets close enough to strike.

Boa Hancock and Hawkeye Mihawk parallel each other to some regards. Out of the Seven Warlords, they are the only two to really specialize in combat and not just conquest and totalitarian rule. Boa Hancock is a master of martial arts who stands as the greatest champion of Amazon Lily, a country filled with powerful women who grow up with Haki in their culture.

As impressive as that is, Hawkey Mihawk has even greater credentials. He is the World”s Greatest Swordsmen, meaning that he”s famously outclassed several of One Piece“s infamously overpowered sword fighters. In addition to delicate skill, Mihawk also has the devastating power necessary for taking Boa Hancock out with one slice.

1 Can Defeat: Sir Crocodile

Sir Crocodile gets the honor of being the series” main introduction to the Seven Warlords. He, however, doesn”t have a good rap as one of its strongest. As the first major villain of an organization within a Shonen anime, Crocodile is automatically its most weakest member, and he hasn”t shown in the story to be otherwise.

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While he is a powerful Devil Fruit user, it”s not really something that a lot of the world”s elite can”t put up with. Plus, as far as fans have seen, he doesn”t seem to have Haki abilities, meaning that Boa has several key advantages going into this fight. With nothing but his Devil Fruit and a poisoned hook hand to his name, Crocodile would just dry up during this encounter.

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