Nghĩa Của Từ Bilateral Là Gì ? Định Nghĩa, Ví Dụ, Giải Thích

Futures contracts are bilateral agreements, with both the purchaser and the seller equally obligated to complete the transaction.

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The understanding that is achieved in our committee work makes it easier to have fruitful bilaterals at the margins of the assembly.
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What chance is there within the bilaterals to ensure that growth is restrained below the levels of the 1982 quotas?
When bilaterals are in place we can have good working relationships, which are vital if we are to be quick off the mark.
The industry must know that over this next critical period, its basic protection under the bilaterals which end in 1981 will be the existing arrangement.
I understand that the present situation means that 25 or so bilaterals have been negotiated and agreed with the main supplying low-cost countries.
What we want to do is to see all the parties to the bilaterals return to those bilaterals as speedily as possible.
There is greater scope for a change in the context of the multilaterals than in the context of the bilaterals.
None the less, it was necessary to try to establish a broad framework within which the bilaterals should be concluded.

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