Active@ File Recovery Toolkit, Other Lsofts Products: Active@ Partition Recovery

Recover files and disks lost due to accidental deletion, disk formatting or virus attack

Efficient and easy to use tool for restoring deleted or lost files, damaged or re-formatted volumes, even if your PC doesn”t boot. Recovers data from NTFS, ReFS, FAT, exFAT, HFS+, ApFS, XFS, JFS, UFS, Ext2/3/4, BtrFS. Includes advanced disk editor, Virtual RAID re-constructor (recover damaged RAID disk arrays) and File Organizer to re-organize and rename files detected by their signatures.

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Recover beyond Recycled Bin Recover files even after Recycle Bin has been emptied or files were deleted without using it

Virtual RAID re-constructor

Virtually rebuilds damaged RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 and Span disk arrays. Damaged RAID data recovery

Recover from most file systems

Recovers files located on NTFS, ReFS, exFAT, FAT, HFS+, ApFS, UFS, XFS, JFS, Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 & BtrFS file systems

Supports all kinds of disks

Supports HDD, IDE, SATA, eSATA, SCSI, SSD disks, RAID disk arrays, USB Flash Disks and Memory Cards, and external USB drives

Scan technology

Recognizes files based on file signatures for 150+ file types – documents, pictures, music, videos

Works with Raw images

Creates and Recovers from Raw (sector-by-sector copy), raw-compressed images and disk images created by third parties

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Recover from non-bootable PC

Recovers data from unbootable due to a computer crash, virus attack, damage by malicious program, or power failure PCs

Extra-large, compressed, encrypted and fragmented files recovery

Recovers extra-large, compressed, encrypted and fragmented files on NTFS; just deleted files can be recovered based on NTFS Journal

VMWare and VirtualPC images support

Support for VMWare & VirtualPC HDD images – open and work with them as if they are regular HDDs




Pricing Table

Please choose the correct version and licensing model according to your business needs

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Personal license – for non-commercial purposes. The Personal License will be assigned to the individual's name. Corporate license – for commercial use. With a Corporate License the company can use the program in a business, academic, or government environment. Site license – provides unlimited licensing for corporation on one physical site or location. Unlimited license – Business license that provides unlimited worldwide licensing for corporation.
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