Minecraft: Java Edition Account Types, Mojang Studios Account

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The platform warranty period is set up to protect the interests of buyers. After the buyer pays the order, the amount will not be entered into the seller”s IGV account in the first time. During the warranty period, there will be any problem with the account. If the seller does not solve the problem, the amount will be returned to the buyer.
In order to verify that this online payment has not been made by someone who stole the card or use it without the permission of the owner, we need copies of your ID card /credit card or other documents that we ask you to provide.All your personal information will be d after the verification.

If you pay with credit card and request a refund,please note that the time frame of refund funds appear in shopper”s credit/debit card account is different after refund successfully.

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VISA/MASTERCARD refunded: 3-5 business days.

Non VISA/MASTERCARD refunded: 5-7 business days.

Normally it takes banks 14 business day to credit the refunds into the cardholder’s account. Some banks will take 30days or even until their next billing cycle.

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IGV supports paid buyers to communicate directly with sellers of goods. If you encounter problems, you can directly ask the seller to solve the problem. If the seller does not cooperate to solve the problem, the order dispute can be initiated. The platform will intervene to judge and help solve the problem.
The IGV account business adopts the consignment mode. After the order payment is successful, the system will automatically send the corresponding product information to your email address, and you can also get the product information by chatting with the seller.
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What is Minecraft Account?

The game can run on multiple operating systems,but we only sell Java Edition accounts. Java Edition has its ownlauncher. Logging in with a Mojang account is required to play the game.You can buy fresh&cape Mojang account onour site. After you buy account, you will get full access of it.

mister-map.com Service

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