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2021 is almost here and the Minecraft gaming phenomenon continues to spread without showing any signs of slowing down.

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Millions of people love the positive activity it brings and see the game as a fun way to relax especially during an on-going global pandemic.

But despite the game’s availability on PC, mobile, and console platforms, lots of fans still do not get to enjoy Minecraft for long since it is not entirely free-to-play.

You’ll have to subscribe to premium Minecraft accounts if you’re looking to access the plethora of interesting features and game modes this brilliant game has to offer.


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But what if we told you that there are legitimate ways to activate free Minecraft accounts along with premium benefits?!

That’s right; there are proven Minecraft account generator methods you too can apply to get premium game access.

How to Get Free Minecraft Accounts

Minecraft was initially supported on Xbox platforms only and has since evolved to accommodate mobile smart devices, PCs, and other popular consoles.

So the fun never stops once you’ve figured out how to activate the free Minecraft accounts.

Below, we have identified some features you can expect to find while using the premium Minecraft service.

Players must pay to access these premium features:

New game characters.You get to apply custom masks to your characters.Premium Minecraft edition.Lets you save & resume at any level in the game.You can transfer funds directly to the Minecraft developers.

But for children and those of us who cannot afford to pay, there are workarounds you can use to obtain free Minecraft accounts.

Via Third-Party Websites

Players can visit reliable third-party websites like Nulled to obtain popular free game accounts – free Minecraft accounts included. 

You only have to register an account and then you can start to use this handy Minecraft account generator tool. Also, the process is quite secure as you won’t be required to download or install any system files.

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If done correctly, the generator website will then provide you with a list of free premium Minecraft account details. While some of them might work, others won’t since they may have already been used.


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Via Survey Sites

This is yet another legit method players can use to get their hands on free Minecraft accounts. It will involve you completing simple surveys online.

We’ve also identified some trusted survey sites you should visit for this purpose:

SurveyJunkieInboxDollarsSwagbucksLifePointsVindale Research

Via Minecraft Forum Giveaways

Giveaway events also present working opportunities players can use to get the premium Minecraft account.

Most of these giveaways can be obtained from promotional offers, marketers, or other Minecraft players online. 

This approach will mostly involve you joining online game forums and social media groups as well as monitoring gaming blog posts that are known for regularly providing random login details for free Minecraft accounts.

Via Minecraft Account Generator Websites

There are functional Minecraft account generator websites you can visit to obtain working premium account rewards for free.

Such third party sites seem to have realized that they can attract visitors by offering free Minecraft premium account details. These codes are usually purchased outright from the game’s developers or shared as part of an ongoing agreement so you can rest assured of their authenticity.

However, they are usually valid for a limited period only. 

To use these reward generating platforms, you’ll have to first register an account. You can expect to perform simple tasks like watching short videos, installing recommended apps, and completing surveys to earn rewards. 

Your reward earnings can then be used to redeem your preferred game codes.

You must however be wary of fake Minecraft account generator websites. Most of them come with damaged or corrupt cookies or cache files that can be bad for your web browser or device.

Some of them could even turn out to be data harvesters in disguise looking to capture sensitive user information. This is why you must never provide your credit card or other financial access details while attempting to get Minecraft accounts for free.

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Using any of the valid processes described above will see you playing Minecraft all through the rest of this year and beyond.


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