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So Much More than Just a Gym!

The 30 Minute Hit is definitely not your typical gym. Not a typical women’s only gym. And certainly not a typical Kickboxing gym. The 30 Minute Hit is a special place, that inspires and empowers women through a unique community like nowhere else.

30 Minute Hit® Philosophy

Our Philosophy is simple. Give women of all shapes sizes, ages, abilities and fitness levels the opportunity to do something they never thought possible and the power to be amazing!

The Product

The 30 Minute Hit is 30 a minute women’s only express fitness program combining Boxing, Kickboxing, Self Defense and Core conditioning to create one of the most rewarding workouts anywhere. In just 30 minutes members can punch, kick, sweat, learn, burn and burn their way to results they never thought possible. A comprehensive systemized approach to quality training, assures the best experience for all members every time they train and streamlined operations for franchise owners.

The Results

The results are life changing, for both our Franchisees and their members. While participants of the program become happier people, our Franchise Owners get to realize their goals of helping others and living the balanced lifestyle they have always wanted.

The Story

More than a decade ago Co-Founders Deanna and Jackson Loychuk recognized the need for something different in the Women’s Only Fitness market. Fast forward ten years and more than 50 Franchise Locations later, it would be safe to say that they were on the right track.

Traditionally, women who wanted the well established benefits of Boxing, Kickboxing and Self Defense style training were relegated to the standard intimidating and rigid martial arts class format, partnering up with men twice their size and often focusing on skill sets that were not a great fit or did not really contribute to the ultimate training goals of most women. With this in mind Deanna and Jackson went to work on creating a new and exciting fitness format designed specifically for women, based on the couples extensive experience in martial arts and fitness.

What developed, through research and testing, was a fast paced, time-efficient, high intensity, 30 minute circuit, teaching quality Boxing, Kickboxing, Self Defense and Core conditioning skills, creating one of the most effective 30 minute fitness routines anywhere. The result is a workout that challenges all fitness levels from beginner to pro and teaches proper technique in a logical systemized progression in a non-intimidating judgement free, inspiring environment. Today the 30 Minute Hit continues to grow, empower, energize and excite women of all shapes and sizes, and we are proud to be changing so many lives one punch and kick at a time!

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The 30 Minute Hit is more than a business. It’s a way of life that our Franchise Owners cherish. It’s about being part of an amazing team, helping to inspire thousands of women every day and creating a lifestyle for yourself you have always dreamed of. The 30 Minute Hit Family of Franchise owners pride themselves in working together to provide the absolute best experience possible to all of our amazing members, and in turn feel blessed to be part of such an inspiring community.

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Beginning in 2004, the 30 Minute Hit has lead the way in High Intensity Training and Women’s only Kickboxing, which are now recognized as significant segments within the fitness industry. Today our rapidly expanding network of Franchise locations continues to prove our amazing system and change lives one punch and kick at a time!

Key benefits of owning a 30 Minute Hit FranchiseAn inspiring, rewarding and flexible lifestyle!Unmatched support in helping you succeed!A cost effective – low maintenance business model!The opportunity to make meaningful change in your community!A chance to truly LOVE what you DO!

What’s included in a 30 Minute Hit® Kickboxing Franchise.

The 30 Minute Hit® business model and brandEquipment for the 30 Minute Hit® circuit30 Minute Hit Franchisee Certification TrainingOperations and training manuals and systemsOngoing Sales, Administrative and Training supportWebsite location page at 30minutehit.comOnline marketing programPromotional artwork and Marketing MaterialCutting edge custom designed online lead generation, tracking, and management programsExclusivity to a pre-determined area


The Women’s Only Fitness market is big, and getting bigger! As a matter of fact, there are now more women with fitness memberships than men and most women prefer to workout in a women’s only environment when given the choice. Combine this, with the projected growth in the fitness industry and the Women’s Only Fitness market looks to have a great future!

A few simple numbers.

Growing concerns of obesity, particularly among women, and the fact that women represent the single largest consumer business opportunity (over $8 trillion per year) together with the reality that women influence 80% of purchase decisions, make it clear why women only fitness is the fastest growing sector in the $84 billion health and fitness industry which is predicted to grow at 1.5% with franchise brands predicted to grow at 3% in the next 4 years.

Forward thinking.

In the last ten years, the number of health club members has more than doubled in North America to more than 60 million.This sharp and steady increase will continue to grow with expanded awareness and focus on health-related issues in society. This accepted relationship between fitness and a healthy lifestyle, combined with the more recent acceptance of combative sports training as a staple of functional fitness and direction of general fitness trends will continue to increase the 30 Minute Hit® market share as market trends continue to strengthen the higher quality, specialized service boutique fitness sector, as millennial customers are predicted to increase spending on premium brands in health & wellness.

In addition, the rapidly rising popularity of Kickboxing style training will continue to create a culture within our society that embraces the concept of empowerment and strength though this style of fitness training.

A bigger demographic means higher revenues. 

Unlike other women’s only circuit-based fitness centres, (whose primary demographic is 40 years-plus) catering mainly to obese and very unfit members utilizing a slow paced exercise format, 30 Minute Hit® draws women ages 13-65 with a wide range of fitness levels and abilities. With its upbeat atmosphere and accommodating program, typical members span from high school students, to new mothers, to experienced Black Belt martial artists, and even grandmothers creating the opportunity to increase revenue through higher market share.

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What makes the 30 Minute Hit different from other women’s only workouts?

Well, that is a pretty long list, but one thing that stands out is the amazing community of 30 Minute Hit Franchisees and their members.

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Firstly, we are a unique team truly driven by the passion for what we do. And this makes it easy to see why we are so close knit. From the President of the company to our dedicated and loyal members, everyone is included and recognized for their hard work and achievements as a team. 

Secondly, our team members support each other and the greater good. The stories are endless, from the unwavering support of our Franchisee network to fellow Franchisees to the support and encouragement our members receive from fellow members in reaching their goals, the 30 Minute Hit is so much more than just a gym or a business. It is a team of passionate people looking to make a difference in the lives of those around the, who in turn become the people they want to be.

Lastly, we are driven to succeed, and empowered by those around us. We truly feel the sky is the limit when you are determined and focused and our members and Franchise owners are proof positive of that. Whether it’s record sales in a new 30 Minute Hit location, raising more than half a million dollars towards Women’s Cancer Research, or having a 30 Minute Hit member lose over 200 pounds in a year and reclaim her life, HIT happens when the Team works together!

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